If you are looking for first aid courses courses taught by professional ambulance and nursing personal then look no further.

Oakwood First Aid Ltd is a family run first aid training company that teaching through Kent and Sussex.

All of our trainers have worked for the emergency services and the NHS and bring years of on the job experience to the classroom. We don’t believe in teaching you from a book, we believe in teaching what we know. Our courses are a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical sessions.

Your first choice for first aid courses taught by professionals.

We offer a range of  first aid courses,  all taught by tutors who have used the skills we teach. We understand that it may be difficult to release staff for training so we can teach at your workplace during the week, at weekends or during the evening. We can even spread the course over a number of weeks.

So Why should you use us for your First Aid courses?

  • All courses are taught by Paramedics or nurses.
  • We teach from experience and not from a book.
  • We teach at your workplace.
  • We train in the week, at the weekends or in the evening.
  • We can split the courses into smaller session to fit in with your needs.

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