3 Hour Basic Paediatric First Aid

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Would you know how to cope with a medical Emergency? Every day children die needlessly in the UK – when basic first aid would have saved their lives…… Would you know what to do?

Children need to be able to explore and enjoy their environment, they shouldn’t be wrapped in cotton-wool. Basic sensible precautions to keep them safe, along with the knowledge as to what to do if an accident should happen, can make a difference. First Aid is not one of those areas that can be learnt from a book, there is no substitute for attending a practical course and having a go at resuscitating a manikin or removing an obstruction from a choking baby.

The 3 hour basic course in Paediatric first aid  will help you prepare for some of the more serious conditions and accidents that you may have to deal with when looking after a child. The course will only give you the basics in first aid and it is highly recommended that you place yourself on one or two day course to extend your knowledge.

The course will be taught by experienced NHS ambulance or nursing staff who have had years of experience in treating a vast array of injuries and illnesses. Sessions will include theory and practical sections and will include a certificate of attendance.



    • CPR for infants and children.
    • Choking.
    • Recovery position.
    • Primary and secondary surveys.
    • Treatment of bleeding and fractures.
    • Head injuries.
    • Epilepsy.

Students should be able to understand the course and be able to participate in the practical sessions.

There are no formal assessments in this course. The instructor will ensure that all participants on the course have a full grasp of the subjects taught.

All successful students will be issued with a certificate of attendance issued by Oakwood First Aid Ltd.

Please note that there is minimum requirement of 4 students for group bookings.

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